Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video: Time machines and other good uses for cloud computing

The folks working on our 3Tera AppLogic product revved up a short video that I thought was a good illustration of a couple ways customers are using the product to help them.

Plus, honestly, I thought the team came up with some amusing names for the not-so-amusing quandaries that customers are in – the things they are using cloud computing to solve. Add a groovy beat behind it all, and it’s certainly not the worst way to spend 3 minutes and 36 seconds on YouTube.

See if any of these sound familiar for big enterprises:

Time machine. The business needs their applications released now. Sure, they didn’t ask IT to start working on this until, well, now. What they need is a time machine. Or at least a way to help dramatically accelerate their speed to market. “Delay is not an option.” Oh, gee, thanks.

New markets/old problems. You need your applications rolled out in new places around the world. Really, this kind of replication sounds like it should be simple. I mean, they are the same applications, after all. And it is simple -- unless you’re the guy trying to help Bangalore do all this remotely from Chicago.

Full plate. Those geniuses in marketing (hey!) are throwing requirements at IT that are going to stretch the infrastructure as it is. Then they add more. It’s a big problem that needs on-demand scalability. A lot of it.

(OK, so don’t expect it to be as amusing as the conference call spoof Dave Grady did that’s going around. But that’s pretty hard to live up to.)

Here’s the video:

Hint: I don’t think I’d be giving anything away if I told you that each of these scenarios has a happy ending. That’s why we brought the 3Tera guys onboard to be part of a cloud solution for customers, after all.

Any good ones they missed? Comments welcome.

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