Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UBS garners CIO 100 Award for FA Mobile iPad project with Framehawk

Congratulations are definitely in order for Framehawk customer UBS.
At CIO Magazine’s annual recognition event last week, that publication honored UBS with a 2012 CIO 100 Award for its groundbreaking FA Mobile iPad project. And we’re proud to note that Framehawk is playing a key role in that project.
The CIO 100 Awards themselves are kind of a big deal, established to “showcase the transformative power of IT-business innovation.” Tony Pizi and the project team at UBS were honored for their work designing and rolling out the project for their Wealth Management Financial Advisors.
Enabling mobility for those advisors was a big driver for the project in the first place. The short project summary on CIO.com noted the importance that mobility has taken on for both the UBS financial advisors and their clients. The UBS Wealth Management business recognized that investing in a mobile platform would “help attract and retain financial advisor talent and better serve current and new clients.” People want to work for and work with companies investing in mobility.
The project is a great example of how the BYOD trend is making its mark on event the largest financial institutions. The initial release made it possible for financial advisors to “answer client questions about accounts and markets and to give paperless client presentations anytime and anywhere, using their personal iPads,” CIO.com reported in the describing the project.
As for Framehawk, our software is part of the enabling platform that lets advisors access and work with their existing tools on those iPads, while maintaining the high performance and security UBS requires.
CIO.com also underscored the importance of the mobile user experience, something also the Framehawk Platform also helps enable.
“Navigating the platform is simpler than a traditional desktop,” said the CIO.com write-up, “and all proprietary data is safe because nothing is saved on the device.”
For a bit more detail about the UBS FA Mobile project, we have a short write-up on our website.
And, of course, big kudos go to the UBS project team for the well-deserved recognition.


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