Monday, October 22, 2012

What are your dos & don’ts for bringing enterprise apps to the iPad?

In technologies areas that are as new as the push to use iPads with enterprise applications, the experiences of peers are often the best guide to success.  Or at least in helping you steer clear of strategic errors.  And chances to share those experiences are sometimes few and far between.
I'm expecting Wednesday to be one of those chances.
With the help of InformationWeek, Wednesday's the day that we here at Framehawk are holding a live webcast based around sharing useful IT experiences in delivering enterprise mobility.  The speaker is our CTO and co-founder, Stephen Vilke, who has spent the past 2 decades not as a vendor, but as an IT guy, including a stint as a CIO.
Stephen collected his thoughts about the move to mobility that enterprises are undergoing currently and will be presenting them during the first part of Wednesday's webcast.  Then, in the second half, he will take questions and comments from the audience about their experiences and issues to feed the discussion.
The goal is to continue the conversation that we’ve started here on the blog about what IT departments are learning as they work to incorporate tablets and other mobile devices into their enterprise application environments.  The topics will very likely range quite broadly, and Stephen is planning to hit some very relevant insights and war stories from his past, including:
  • How to adapt the lessons enterprises learned (good and bad) from managing laptops to the world of mobility
  • How mobile user experience, if done right, can drastically decrease support costs
  • How the threat of data leakage compares to other security concerns and how they impact BYOD policies
  • What is the "killer app" for enterprise mobility, and how can IT deliver it?
The title of the whole event is “Confessions of a CTO: 7 Dos & Don’t for Bringing Existing Enterprise Applications to the iPad.”  Registration is free, so join us if you can.
Even more importantly, if you have your own “confessions” or real-world experiences that you’d like to share, leave a comment here for others to see and learn from.  Or contribute during the live Q&A session on Wednesday’s webcast.  I’ll be tweeting interesting questions and commentary (from Stephen and the audience) during the session (hashtag #CTOconfess), and I'll summarize the more intriguing and useful comments we received here on the blog afterwards.  We're looking forward to some quality discussions Wednesday and beyond.
The InformationWeek Framehawk webcast “Confessions of a CTO: 7 Dos & Don’t for Bringing Existing Enterprise Applications to the iPad” is being held at 10 a.m. Pacific on Wed., Oct. 24.  Go here to register.

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